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Welcome to Big Sky Country where days are long and views of the Rocky Mountains are as far as you can see.  We are near the banks of the largest lake west of the Mississippi.  As Members of The United States Lavender Growers Association and founding members of the Lavender Northwest Association, we are committed to growing, harvesting & distilling the finest pure essential oil for all lavender uses. 

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Benefits of Lavender

Fewer than 5% of plant species on Earth are known to produce Essential Oil.


Out of the 17,500 aromatic plants that have been investigated, only 2000 of those are used to produce 3000 different oils.  Only 300 of these Essential Oils are commonly produced. Benefits include:

  • To Combat Acne

  • Reduce Anxiety

  • As an air freshener

  • For sachets

  • As a Multi-purpose Cleaner

  • Helps Minimize Insomnia 

  • Aromatherapy Uses


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